Delayed! – Yee Peng Lanna International (YPLI / Mae Jo)

Well, we hope its just a delay….

Yee Peng Lanna International 2018 has not yet been able to get a meeting to ask for approval to proceed this year. We hope to complete the process in August/September 2018. If it is approved, we will sell tickets immediately.

We have reserved additional tickets to the Doi Saket event for those who do not want to take a chance waiting for Yee Peng Lanna International to get approved.

Tickets are available here:  Yee Peng Doi Saket 2018

UPDATE  August 1, 2018 – YPLI has a tentative appointment to meet for an approval meeting at “the end of the summer”   Meaning there will not be any update or idea about it until early September 2018!

Yee Peng Doi Saket is selling out soon.   VIP is already sold out and Section C is running out.  If you wait for YPLI and it does not get approved, you WILL NOT be a part of a mass lantern release in 2018.

Wait, there are two different events? – 2018

Wait, there are two different events?   Whats the difference?   

Well, over the years there have been at least 5 events in the area.    The original one (free event/ local event) was cancelled about 4 years ago.  The reasons given ranged from too much commotion in the area/problems arising from 10,000+ people in one area, to financial issues (it was free), to various political issues.    In any case, it is long gone and will not happen again.  


The same group that ran the free/local event now run the Yee Peng Lanna International (YPLI/Mae Jo).   It is the oldest paid event, going into its 6th year in 2018.   Being the oldest event,  having previous experience running the free/local event and being the only option available for 3 years, they grew very quickly.  

In 2017, they had 4000 attendees and 4000 lanterns.    This comes at a premium.  Standard ticket package last year started at 5,500thb to 12,000thb each.    All tickets included transportation to/from the city, 1 lantern, and dinner.  The VIP tickets included a Krathong to be floated on the river.


There was an obvious gap in the number of people that wanted to attend a mass lantern release and the prices that people were willing to pay.   So… In 2016, the Yee Peng Doi Saket festival was started with only 500 seats.  It grew FAST!  Last year(2017), the total number of seats jumped to 1600 seats and 1600 lanterns.  

This year (2018) they will have 2400 seats and 3000 lanterns (VIP seats will have 2 lanterns each).   Tickets include transportation to/from the city, a lantern, a Krathong, and a small souvenir.   Our initial group of VIP tickets include Front and Center seating(literally right in front of the stage), transportation, 2 lanterns, a premium Krathong, a premium souvenir, dinner, and some basic drinks.


There have been a few attempts to create other events, but they seem to have fizzled out due to low attendance (Its not a “mass” lantern release if only a few people are there)   If any show promise this year, we will see about arranging tickets and make them available on our website.


Buy Yee Peng Doi Saket (PYP/Private Yee Peng)  – information as released for 2018

  • 3 Years Old
  • 2400 tickets/people
  • 3000 Lanterns
  • Section C – 3100THB
  • Section B – 3700THB
  • VIP – 4900THB
  • Location: Doi Saket Hot Springs
  • Tickets on sale: YES – Click Here to Buy Now!


Yee Peng Lanna International (YPLI/Mae Jo) – Information from 2017-Will update when available.

  • 6 Years Old
  • 4000 tickets/people
  • 4000 Lanterns
  • Standard 5500THB
  • Premium 7100THB
  • VIP 12000THB
  • Location: Thudong Lanna / Mae Jo    
  • Tickets on sale: NO.  We hope to have more information in September 2018      


We are working on creating a general FAQ related to Yee Peng and the lantern festivals.    Until its finished, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

CMStay no more… Well, kind of.


In previous years we have offered Lantern Festival information and tickets under the name CMStay and use the website   While CMStay was the first and original site for everything Yee Peng related, we have found that it is cleaner and easier to create a new website for the Lantern Releases so CMStay Co. Ltd and can focus on the property management business.

With that being said….drum roll…    Welcome to, the SOURCE for everything related to Yee Peng and the Yee Peng Lantern Festivals!

While there is a change in the name of the websites (and business structure) there is no change to the services offered, owner or staff running events.   We look forward to continuing our work with the Yee Peng Lantern Festival events and will continue to be the first and foremost authority on Yee Peng Lantern Festival events.