Yee Peng – Doi Saket 2020

2020 Yee Peng in Doi Saket (with 1,500 lanterns!!!, Krathongs to release along the river, and traditional Thai music and dance demonstrations) has been announced .  – Only at Doi Saket!

 October 31, 2020


Who else wants to experience the Yee Peng Lantern Release?

It’s on everyone’s bucket list and life long goals, but only a small number of people will be able to attend.   In fact, there are less than 100,000 people that have attended a real Yee Peng Lantern Festival throughout history.   Those of you that are lucky enough to get tickets are in the 0.0001% of the world’s current population!  Its called “Rarefied Air” is THE SOURCE for Yee Peng Lantern Releases. has been facilitating this once in a lifetime experience for the past 8 years(previously trading under our other website CMStay).  Discover Yee Peng’s “Thousands of lights” experience with us, the tried, the tested, the SOURCE!

Get you tickets now!

Tickets are sold in consecutive order.   Buy now to get the closest seats.

   VIP ONLY this year due to limited tickets(2020)    

***   VIP ONLY for 2020  ***

V.I.P Tickets from inClude:
  • Return Transfers  – Charter bus transport to the event and back to the city
  • 2 Sky Lantern (per person/seat)
  • Meal Voucher worth 400THB – to be used at the event
  • 1 Krathong (Only at Doi Saket)
  • 1 Souvenir

– YPLF2020VIP (5,500B)

2020/Covid Cancellation Policy

  • 2020 Will have a reduced number of tickets (1,500 people)
  • Cancellations and refund up until September 30, 2020*
  • If the event is cancelled due to Covid or other unforseen reason, you can get a refund OR change your ticket to Dec 31, 2020 (New Year Lantern Release)
  • Refunds will be full refunds minus any tranfer/banking fees. (Approx 5%)

Alex Chan’s video from YPDS2018


  • 4PM – Assemble at the meeting point.
    • 4:30PM – Depart to Doi Saket
    • 5:30PM -Arrive Doi Saket.
      •    *Receive souvenir
      •    *snacks and dinner set (VIP ONLY).
      •    *Enjoy local street food from local vendors (extra fees)
      •    *Watch the stage performances.
      •    *Release flower Kratong on the river.
    • 7:30PM – Welcome speech by the village head.
      •    *Lantern release demonstration
      •    *Synchronized Lantern Release
    • 8:30-9:00PM – Return to Chiang Mai.
Important Notes:    ***All ticket are non-refundable ***
Security /Others 
1. Firecrackers, sky lanterns, weapons, gambling equipment, illegal objects including alcohol/Drugs are prohibited
2. We do not recommend bringing small children.  If you do, the child will be under parents own care and will take full responsibility for the child.   We will not be responsible for any issues that may arise.
3. We will do random checks on ticket upon entry at the venue.  Please keep you ticket and ID copy with you at all times.  You are only allowed to enter zone listed on your ticket.
4. If there are any  unforeseen events such as natural disasters and/or government orders, which may be the cause of the failure/cancellation of the event, the organizers reserves the right NOT to refund for any/all such cases.